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2b - How to Tune your Guitar


LESSON 2 - Continued….  Tuning the Guitar

There are many different ways to tune a guitar

If you are a complete beginner, and you have someone close to you who can help you tune the guitar that is great, but eventually you will need to know how to tune a guitar yourself

There are many different types of tuning that a guitar can be tuned to, but for now we are only interested in what is known as Standard Tuning as shown on the previous page and in the diagram below

Module 1 Lesson 2c Tuning Module 1 Lesson 2a

Tuning Method Three

Get yourself a battery hand held tuner

They are quite good to have especially if they are able to tune in different tunings

You will see an example of an older tuner being used in the Tuning video later on. See picture on Right

Watch VIDEO 2a -

Listen to the sound of each string

Memorise the 6 strings on the guitar

Tuning Method One

Use the previous video shown here again and match your strings to what you see and hear in the video

Module 1 Lesson 2a

Tuning Method Two

One way is to download the free Android Tuner app from  click on the picture to download from Google Play.  Ntrack also make a great program for PC or Mac - Ntrack Studio -Turns your computer into a multitrack music recording studio

The Tuner is very simple to use just play a string and the note will be shown if the red line lights up your note is too low or flat and the green line means it is too high or sharp so try and get the light in the centre

Or you can download and try another tuner of your choice on-line