Module 1 Lesson 5

"METS" Musical Educator Tuition Systems

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Home Introduction Modules - 1 Lesson 1a

LESSON 5 - Learning the G Major Scale

3a - Understanding the Chord Diagrams

5 - The G Major Scale

Module 1 Lesson 6 Module 1 Lesson 4

VIDEO  -   G Major Scale


The bottom line on the diagram is the top string on the guitar (the bass string)

Study & compare the video & the Diagram above

Module 1

Learn to read the G Major Scale Diagram and play it, starting on the 3rd fret of the bass string.  Know this pattern well, practise it every day, do not worry about speed yet

Make sure that the correct fingers are used to play the scale

Do not be concerned about the sound yet,

the idea is to establish the Mechanics of the finger movements first