Module 1 Lesson 6

"METS" Musical Educator Tuition Systems

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Home Introduction Modules - 1 Lesson 1a

LESSON 6 - Now Revise all you have done

3a - Understanding the Chord Diagrams

6 - Read and Revise

Module 2 lesson 1 Module 1 Lesson 5

Continually practice and reinforce all of this first section so that you are truly comfortable with your chords, your chord changes and most important the G Major Scale.  

The major scale for beginners may take a while to master, continue practising the major scale every day, play it at least three times each day as a warm up exercise, you do not need to play this fast just get the fingers to slowly memorize the correct fingering.  

Playing the major scale gives the fingers of your chord hand a very good work out and will eventually develop your speed naturally and also helps to train the ear.  

The scale will enable your ability for solo improvisation later.

So in the first part of this book we have been working on basics such tuning, the chord hand etc.., in the second part of this book we start to work on the finger picking hand.  Once you are happy with your progress you can move on to the 2nd part, remember there is no need to rush, take your time and build your foundation correctly.

The METS Guitar 2000 program has been designed in a module format that makes learning very easy as you do not become overwhelmed by too much information at any one time, this enables a greater chance of success.

This system works as has been proved time and time again.  When you feel you are ready move on to the next section.

Module 1