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LESSON 1 - Developing the Picking Hand



In this Module we start on the picking hand.  

Always try and make the picking patterns as fluid as possible

VIDEO - Resting the hand on the strings

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1 - Developing the Picking Hand

Again, make your own exercises such as changing from one chord to another chord trying to keep the changes and picking fluid, the key is getting both the Left hand and Right hand working together.  This of course is what finger mechanics is all about.

You will find that if you do all the exercises in this program it will happen for you automatically

Study the video below to see how to rest the hand & fingers on the strings of the guitar for picking


You do not have to rest the little finger on the body, but it does give stability

Most modern players rest the little finger on the body, and generally classical players do not

If you do rest the little finger on the guitar make sure it is always kept straight, do not bend it at all