Module 2 Lesson 3

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Home Introduction Modules - 1 Lesson 1a

LESSON 3 - Picking Pattern 1 - Forward Roll

3a - Understanding the Chord Diagrams

3a - The Forward Roll continued…

Module 2 Lesson 4a Module 2 Lesson 2

Use the Forward Roll with all the Chords learned so far

Am  E  A  D

Plus learn the new chord C Major shown below.

Practice the forward roll till it is very fluid and making sure all the notes of the  chords are clear no buzzing or dead notes

For a complete beginner this may take days or even weeks to perfect.  Just keep practicing the mechanics of the forward roll & playing the chords.

Video of Picking Pattern Number One:-

The Forward Roll using the C Major chord

Practise this picking pattern till you are totally comfortable with it, it needs to become second nature

Module 2

3a - Understanding the Chord Diagrams

3b - Listen to the Audio File and Practice

Listen to the Audio File here and practice the Forward Roll exercises 4 times on each of the chords Am  C  D  A  E

The timing (beat) is to be even

1  2  3  4 ~ 1  2  3  4 ~ 1  2  3  4...etc. Accent on the Thumb. (Make the thumb sound a little stronger than the fingers.) This is the speed you are aiming for eventually.  Practice a little every day.