Module 3 Lesson 5

"METS" Musical Educator Tuition Systems

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Home Introduction Modules - 1 Lesson 1a

LESSON 5 - Playing a Song House of the Rising Sun

3a - Understanding the Chord Diagrams

5a - The Thumb Pick

Module 3

Module 3 Lesson 5 continued Module 3 Lesson 4 Theory


A quick note about the Thumb Pick

Now you will see I am using a thumb pick in the videos These can be got at any good music store

The Thumb Pick is a very useful tool for guitarists

With it you can play most styles of music, it is not as limiting as the ordinary flat pick (plectrum)

If you are using a thumb pick, only use the tip of it, they can take a bit of time to feel comfortable with

See Video

If you use a thumb pick practise this and the other picking patterns thoroughly to get used to the thumb pick, practise with all the different chords you have learned here too  

Remember this specially condensed course is structured in such a way that if you do everything shown here you are virtually guaranteed to succeed

Practise This Picking Pattern shown In the video

3a - Understanding the Chord Diagrams

5b - Pick Pattern

Remember this picking pattern?  Make sure you are very comfortable with it before continuing