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Tablature-The lines in tablature (TAB) are the strings of the guitar

The Numbers on the lines/strings are the fret/space to hold

Music Notation

Module 3 Lesson 6b Module 3 Lesson 5 continued

A - Standard music notation as seen on the 1st line in the diagram below, is  one method of writing music for guitar

B - The other main method of writing music for guitar is the Tablature method as shown on the Diagram below the music notes

C - Tablature is the main focus of this course for a variety of reasons, one of the main reasons being is that it is very easy & fast to learn

The arguments & debates over standard music notation & tablature have been long & as I have experienced often quite heated, & in my brief analyses of both I shall try & remain impartial & unbiased

In brief:

Both systems are important & have their place

Obviously standard music notation is often necessary for other musical instruments, orchestras etc.

especially when the music needs to be played as was written & not altered or improvised

Standard music notation is very exacting when it comes to timing

Tablature as stated before is very easy & fast to learn, not only in any key but also in any guitar tuning & also works for other stringed fretted instruments such as banjo & mandolin etc.., instruments that can both be tuned in different tunings & have a different number of strings

D - Tablature is also very exacting when it comes to timing by several possible methods


as shown below

a line of standard music notation is often written above it to show the timing


a lot of tablature today is also written using tails on the numbers to represent all of the

1/8th ~ 1/4  ~ 1/2  & Whole notes etc


numbers can be written underneath the tablature to show timing & picking or finger picking patterns


LESSON 6a - Tablature

6a - About Tablature