Module 3 Lesson 8

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Home Introduction Modules - 1 Lesson 1a

Let us recap now

This short course has been setting your foundation to becoming a guitarist

Before moving on it is very important to make sure you are totally comfortable with what you have learned here

Practice and revise everything so that you are able to successfully continue on

In this short course we covered some very important basics, understanding about finger mechanics, fundamental basic chords and chord changes, the G Major Scale, tuning the guitar, understanding some basic practical theory, starting to finger pick, understanding tablature,  playing the House of the Rising Sun by following the videos and also by reading and understanding how tablature works

Remember, to be able to play any tune or song whether you are strumming or finger picking your chord changes must be good, so practice changes between all the chords learned here in every possible order

Experiment for yourself with chord changes while finger picking the different patterns you have learned so far, you need to be able to change without missing a beat

Also you should play the G Major Scale every day preferably at least three times ascending and descending as this will enable your soloing abilities later on and trains you finger mechanics.  The speed is not important at the moment, but make sure you do use the correct fingering for the scale

If your foundation is strong then it will support whatever you build on top of it

When you are ready continue with your training

LESSON 8 - Recapping and Progressing on

3a - Understanding the Chord Diagrams

8a - Let us Recap now

Module 3

3a - Understanding the Chord Diagrams

8c - Progressing and Continuing your Training

So where to from here?

Quite simply

1 - Download and use the FREE App’s from

If you have done and learned everything here properly you should be now ready for app No. 1 - Finger Picking Guitar Intro And Enabling your Creativity

But regardless all Beginners should use

A - App No. 7 Quick and Easy Practical Theory Module

B - App No. 2 Guitar Chords for Beginners

More free app’s will be added and updated as I have time plus try and play guitar with people who already play and of course the Internet has a huge volume of information.  Most of all have FUN

Module 3 Lesson 7