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Diagram Right shows

The Notes of the

G Major Scale

Now  in this module we look at a little Practical Theory.

     First back to the G Major Scale you learned before

Study the Diagram and the video here.

Now when playing the scale pattern start paying attention to the names of the notes of  the  G Major Scale

This will aid in starting to know where the notes are on the guitar, It  is a good idea to repeat aloud or to yourself the names of the notes as you play them

The secret is constant repetition, a little every day, of course the more the better

The scale should be played ascending and descending (Up & down)

The priority is on the physical playing of the scale pattern using the correct fingers, the memory of the note names and places will come in time.  

First get the Finger Mechanics.

VIDEO - Video of the G Major Scale showing the notes of the scale

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LESSON 1 - A bit about Practical Theory, Playing and Tablature

1 - A bit about Practical Theory