An Introduction to:

Learning Finger picking for Guitar and

enabling your Creativity

Well having played finger picking guitar for over 40 years now and teaching for over 25 I have learned that there are some very basic things that will hold most people back.

The guitar has indeed over these many years been my best friend; in all the countries I have travelled music has been a passport to opening doors meeting people and making friends, whether it is at a home, or doing a gig, playing on a beach, in a restaurant or just beating a couple of tunes or songs out in a pub session your are never short of getting a feed and a drink and meeting new people.

Over the years so many times I have been told, “I wish I could play like that” or “God you are so talented,” well the reality is I have taught a lot of people how to become ‘Like that’, and those that succeeded did so because of some very basic things that they did.


I have a modus operandi and quite simply it goes like this

Rule number 1

The Ear is the Boss

If you are not using your ear, are you playing music?

After all what is music if not heard and listened to?

Remember this, when you hear a piece of music every piece of information is already there, in it.

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