Tablature Intro


If you have read the Creativity section you should know how to approach these training exercises

Master each exercise slowly first then master them faster and faster, then when appropriate use the picking patterns with different chords, experiment for yourself

Have Fun

First - A quick introduction on how Tablature works

NOTE: If you are a complete beginner then start with the link on the right

Beginners Guitar

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Lessons for the Complete Beginner A Step by Step Condensed Home Tuition Program for Complete Beginners

Play along with the Videos, Audio’s and Tablature files for quick easy learning

Tablature is a very quick and easy way to learn tunes for finger picking on any stringed fretted instrument

Can be understood in a few minutes and is ideal for altered tunings too

Tablature is not new, it has been around since about the fifteen hundreds in varying forms

The numbers shown on the strings represent the fret space held.  Study all the diagrams below then work with the exercises

Home Book 1

Second - Training and Exercises Book 1

Beginners Guitar

(Learn to play Guitar)