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Musical Educator Slide Rules for Guitar-Keyboards-Other Instruments

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A Great Resource for Musicians - Teachers - Students

METS Music gives you access to a large resource of Modules for Teaching, Learning and mastering the Guitar

The idea of the Musical Educator Slide Rule is not to entertain but an easy way to enable you to develop your musical playing skills to a high degree

A Tuition System consisting of:-

The METS Musical Educator On-Line Guitar Slide Rule and Manual

Multiple Modules for Guitar Tuition

Android App’s

and many On-Line Resources

The easiest fastest and fun way to start learning to play guitar now Play along with Video - Audio and Tablature Files

There is a FREE Android App too that you can Download that links to multiple on-line modules and material, suitable for the young and old from the ages of  *9 years and upward

(*For 9-10-11 year olds it is in many cases recommended to start learning using a nylon string and or a ¾ size guitar)

Just some of the benefits are:-

On-Line Guitar Slide Rules and full Manual

Learning to Finger Pick Guitar - Training and Exercises Book

Play along with Video - Audio and Tablature Files

Learn to play Tunes

There are Modules for:-

    The Musical Educator Slide Rule and Full Manual and Videos

    Enabling your Creativity

    Beginners Guitar

    Practical Theory

    Scales and Modes

    Chords and more…

    Develop your solo playing

    Tablature Finger Picking Guitar

    Finger Picking Training and Exercises Book

    Finger Picking Tunes

    More Modules added all the time

Know how to put the right chords together that work and make your own music

More materials are added all the time as the METS Music System is an on going project

Master your Guitar! Master your Music!

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Now you can Become a Guitar Hero

Find any Chord-Scale-Mode and more