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Scales and Modes Index


The aim of this book is to provide a graphic, concise & easy to read resource book of scales & modes in all keys for guitar, bass & keyboards & to enable musicians to develop their solo playing & improvisation abilities

One of the biggest problems for musicians is the ability for spontaneous improvisation, but this can be greatly aided & accomplished by the all too often feared SCALE, one problem being of course is that there is not just one scale there are many, & while it is not necessary to be able to play & memorize every scale you can get your hands on, it is good to practice a variety of scales as this enables the fingers to work & trains the ear

Our greatest resources is our imagination so when trying new scales use the imagination to search out ideas & experiment

By the mechanical repetition of scales as exercises, the fingers & ear are developed, but when playing a solo a mechanical feel is the last thing wanted so when experimenting try and make up musical phrases and don’t be afraid to alter a scale if this is the sound you want

It is through experimentation that ideas are created & this book gives the opportunity for experimentation with many types of scales

Develop your ability for solo work and improvisation you don't need to read music just follow the Numbers in the diagrams it is that simple

The key to improvisation is repetition of Scale Patterns as this enables the fingers and conditions the ear.  This book give the opportunity to do just that to play a large variety of scales enabling the mechanics of the fingers and training the ear

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For Guitar - Bass - Keyboards The Reference Manual for Musicians Teachers and  Students


Scales and Modes handbook for guitar  Bass and keyboard  Easy to read Scale and  Mode Formula Diagrams  in all keys
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